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You have probably heard the term ‘paperless’ office bounced around over recent months.  With the increase of technology and everything being ‘electronic’ it has been thought that a paperless office was really a possible solution.

Here at Rackline we are not dismissing the idea, but is it really possible to be truly paperless? Most of you will agree that your offices are full of paper and a lot of it you either don’t need or, could do with organising better.  Rather than a paperless office what you really need is a better storage solution.

Here are the reasons why a truly paperless office would struggle to take off:

Yes, it is wise to archive documents that you are not using and to store things electronically.  But maybe it is time to consider suitable storage solutions that could benefit your office?

You may find that an archive storage system is just what you need to store the documents you don’t need everyday.  Or what about some office storage systems that are easy to use, space efficient and look sleek and stylish too?

Before you consider chucking all your paper out the window, why not give us a call or have a look at our range of products.  Storage solutions mean a more organised and productive office.  Try it!