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Following on from World Accreditation Day on 8th June, on 22nd of the same month Rackline received its renewed accreditation for ISO9001 quality standards – a Quality Standard which we have consistently achieved for over 30 years…

Awarded by the NQA, a global certification body, this accreditation is a key indicator to all existing and prospective Rackline customers to be assured of an unparalleled level of customer service, with the highest possible quality standards.

What does ISO9001 mean?

ISO9001 is an internationally recognised standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS). It is the most widely used QMS standard worldwide, with over one million certificates having been issued to organisations in 178 countries across the globe. The ISO9001 standard provides a clear framework and set of principles to adhere to so that organisations can achieve consistently high manufacturing standards. In 2020, ISO9001 has seen a 3% increase in worldwide certificates, highlighting the importance and growth of UKAS accredited certification in current times.

Achieving Exacting Standards

ISO9001 accreditation has enabled Rackline to:


Inspiring Trust

Implementing the ISO9001 standard into every area of a business involves a six-month process. Firstly, an organisation will have to produce a well-documented Quality Management System which will then be assessed to ensure what a company is doing matches its written QMS procedures. This written QMS document will define areas including organisation structure, responsibilities of employees, who should record information and what information should be recorded, channels of communication throughout the company, actions that are required, and provisions for staff change. Once any required changes have been made Stage Two of the process requires an auditor to perform strict checks ensuring that compliance with ISO9001 standards is present throughout the organisation.

Strong Quality Control underpins the success of any business and Rackline’s systems are designed to comply with relevant British and European standards for safety and performance.  Our NQA Quality Management ISO9001 certification indicates that our quality management systems are maintained to this exacting, international standard. To achieve ISO9001 status, regular Internal Quality Auditing of our systems is required, and all procedures are checked that they are being performed correctly as per an internally produced Quality Manual.

To find out more about Rackline accreditations and awards contact us here. Alternatively, speak to one of our expert team to devise the right industrial shelving to suit your specific requirements by calling us on 01782 700144.