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Many of you may have taken part in Heritage Open Days at the weekend.  This 4-day long event sees the doors being opened to a wide range of sites across the country to celebrate history, heritage and culture.    This got us thinking that it isn’t just the more obvious buildings such as museums that will benefit from well organised storage systems, but also the lesser known heritage attractions that only open their doors to the general public for a few days every year.

Whatever the nature of your heritage attraction, there are going to be items that you need to store safely, securely or just in such a way that you can easily find them when required.  These items may include:


Depending on the nature of your attraction and whether it is open to the public or operational at other times of year, your requirements for storage may be very different.  It may be that you just need additional units to house your items for Heritage Open Days, in which case we have a number of suggestions that may help you out:

Tray Storage and Shelving

tray storage

It is one of the easiest ways to store items in such a way that you can find them when needed.  Our tray storage shelving systems can be manufactured in bespoke bay dimensions and to accommodate any size of shelf – so you can store pretty much anything you like in the available space you have.  Our trays are easily labelled and are a great way to make limited space work for you and house a variety of items.

Low level mobile storage

low level mobile storage

Perfect if your work area is also your storage area, our low level mobile storage units allow for the important items such as paperwork and stationery to be neatly stored, whilst not interrupting your work flow.  If your workplace has to accommodate different events or visitors at different times of year, this practical storage solution means you can keep all of the items you need to have at hand, but still have a conversation in your working area.

Mounting your existing storage cabinets onto mobile carriages

mounting existing storage on mobile carriages

If you are quite happy with the amount of storage offered by your existing cabinets but need to make better use of your space, we can help.  By mounting your existing storage cabinets onto our mobile carriages you can easily move them around to give you more space when you need it – such as on your open days!

Whatever your storage requirements, Rackline are here to help.  Call our friendly team today on 01782 770 144 for more information.