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It is necessary to store your media collection in a safe place, for which there are several different types of media storage available. They are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Therefore, before purchasing a media storage cabinet, make sure that you examine the size of your current collection. This will help you to determine the space needed to store your media collection. Different types of media storage units are:

Freestanding wall units resemble a book case in design. They are specifically designed to store your media collection. If you do not have a large media collection then you should consider purchasing a smaller unit, conversely there are some units that can hold over 1500 DVDs. You can easily access and organise your media when using freestanding wall units.

Wall mounted cabinets are very compact, with an option to choose an open wall unit to make your collection accessible. If you are an avid collector then wall mounted media cabinets will best serve your purpose as you can easily add more shelves depending on your requirements. However, they do take up more wall space than other unit types.

Dust and light can spoil your media collection. Therefore, if you want to protect your media collection then media storage cabinets with doors will best suit your needs. They are also available with a lock and key feature to add security to your media collection.