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Here at Rackline we don’t just create storage solutions for heavy loads and huge piles of paperwork.  We also specialise in low level storage.  These storage systems are ideal in open plan environments where everything is on show and needs to look professional.

Lets face it, if you are running a business you don’t want your clients seeing rows of untidy paperwork.  That is why we have created storage solutions that fit in with your office needs.  These needs often include ensuring everything is aesthetically neat as well as physically.

In a spin

Take the Spin for example.  This is a pirouette rotary system unit that is a firm favourite in the open plan office.  It can be used in a number of different ways.  It also works well as a means of partition. With double sided storage it has a great deal of flexibility.

The Spin is a great office feature as you can use one side for storing paperwork and files and the other side can be used for personal belongings.  What makes the Spin even more pleasing to the eye is the bright eye-catching colours it comes in.  So, if you run a marketing agency or a buzzing office the Spin storage system is ideal.

The sky is the limit

If you require hot desks or extra desk space in your office then the SkyPedastal is ideal.  This clever desk is also a storage solution that provides a safe, tidy and neat working environment.  With three levels of storage each desk provides maximum storage and space efficiency, in even the tightest of office spaces.

Another level

If your office is packed full of large folders, files and documentation, but you need to access them quickly, then the Lowtrack is perfect.  These storage systems can be placed in the centre of your office and allow you ease and accessibility.  With a unique track system they can be installed on carpet or vinyl.

You see, whatever type of office you have, or whatever feel and look you are going for, there is a storage solution to suit.

All you need to decide is what suits you and your office best!