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A rack is usually made from galvanised metal or manufactured from other durable materials. Shelves have a great variety of options ranging from simple, light weight shelves to huge cargo shelves. These include wall shelves, wear-proof racks, mesh shelves, open shelves and iron racks to name but a few.

Racks also have a large number of variations and categories. These include DVD shelves, safes, home shelves, metal cabinets, stainless steel kitchen shelves and various other appliance racks. Mentioned below are different types of shelves and shelving ideas.

• Iron racks are made from metal and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Iron racks are durable, convenient and safe which is ideal for heavy weighted items

• Pallet racks are perfect for excessive storage with minimal loss of space. They are compact, convenient and easy to use.

• Mobile racks are ideal in commercial spaces and small warehouses. These racks are space efficient because they can be stacked.

• Console racks are ideal for a large scale residency of goods. Console racks can withstand heavy weighted items and are ideal for big warehouse spaces.

• Office racks are the most popular form of racks and are seen in virtually every office space and household. They come in customized shapes and sizes and amplify the aesthetic of your space.

Whichever rack type or shelf type you choose to purchase, it is important to know the wide variety of these products in order to make a well informed purchase.