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How to maximise storage in your library space with Rackline storage systems.

In any library environment, extensive storage space must be a key aspect of the library’s design. From small, private book collections to huge public libraries, practical and efficient storage solutions are essential.

Electronic media, internet access and other tech advancements have impacted significantly on the function and design of libraries. Consequently, library design must offer a large element of flexibility to factor in such integrated technologies, as well as offer additional spaces for specific collections, meetings, workstations, and general seating space.

Whether archiving highly valuable books, documents, and artefacts, storing important research documents, or storing and displaying books for public borrowing, it is essential for library storage systems to ensure materials are kept safe and secure, and easily accessible.

A library design may include both open and closed storage systems and mobile shelving systems. There are a range of effective library storage solutions available including:

Static storage systems

Rackline’s Pro-Libero Library Shelving has a double skin upright which conceals all supporting fixings. It is designed as a ‘braceless system’ so the back-to-back bays have no bracing or solid wood for support, instead a hidden framework adds the required structure to the unit. Offering a clean and flush aesthetic, its functionality will maximise storage and allow through-bay storage capabilities, making it ideal for smaller library spaces.

Rackline Double Skin Proform Shelving is designed with a double panel upright to provide total protection to shelf contents. This storage system has no protrusions, edges or raised seams, meaning even precious manuscripts and rare books are well cared for.

Mobile storage systems

Rackline’s Monotrak mobile storage system operates on a single guide track fitted directly to your existing floor, eliminating the need for extensive and often costly site work. The system also offers flexibility and can be relocated at any time with minimal disruption.

When sheer volume is an issue, high density storage solutions are necessary. Rackline’s Multitrak system operates on multiple torque tubes and wheels to accommodate long bases and great loads. Mobile carriages up to 12 metres long and loads of up to 15 tonnes can be moved with ease, with a powerful guidance and drive system ensuring carriages remain perfectly aligned on tracks. This system can follow the curve of a building, maximising the space within and can be ergonomically designed to optimise access to designated areas.

Hi-tech mobile shelving systems 

Rackline’s Powertrak electronic mobile shelving can be installed with either Monotrak or Multitrak mobile storage systems and offers superior ease of use in large scale environments. Using sophisticated programmable logic controls, simply press ‘Green for Go’ and all controls and operations are handled automatically by the logic controls. Numerous options are available including automatic lighting, timed access control for any access you require and integration with access control and security systems.

Rackline offer a range of mobile library shelving, bespoke library storage systems and much more for public, private and educational libraries. To find out more about our library storage systems contact us here. Alternatively, speak to one of our expert team on 01782 700144 to learn how we can tailor a storage solution to suit your individual requirements.