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In an often busy library environment with constantly changing collections and limited space, having the correct storage systems is a top priority. Not only does the right storage help to optimise available space and ensure a safe, easily accessible library experience for the public and staff, it also makes the many different books, audio books and digital items look their best on display.

So how can you find the right library storage solutions to fit the diverse and unique needs of your library?

The common storage concerns for library shelving

The Rackline library storage solution

For over 30 years we have provided a diverse range of library shelving, storage and stacks, to maximise capacity without sacrificing ease of use and style.

Library storage

Working with impressive city libraries to small private libraries, we understand that storage needs to be versatile, flexible and secure, whilst also helping collections look presentable and enticing for users. That’s why we offer the following stylish library storage systems to improve accessibility, staff efficiency, and the library experience:


Both systems offer a clean and flush solution specifically designed for the library sector, allowing for maximum storage options and the best use of available space. For larger libraries we also provide a range of compact, mobile and sliding drawer storage systems that can easily be moved and reconfigured to increase usable floor space and enable future layout changes. Units can be fitted with added security, and tailored to your library space for a bespoke solution.

To find out more about our library storage solutions or to discuss your specific requirements, please call the Rackline team on 01782 770 144, or use our online contact form here and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.