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Purchasing a locker system for a school, office or industrial setting is a tough job but if you purchase from the right supplier it will make it much easier. Suppliers can help you make an easy and well informed purchase. Before purchasing the locker system you should know about the specifications, as it is the most important determinant of the type of locker you really need.

Another important thing to consider is the amount of tiers you need in the locker system. These variables will lead to an understanding of all the characteristic of the locker that you require. After you have browsed all the options you have to pinpoint the perfect locker product. When selecting the locker system, the two most important things you should look at is handle type and tiers.

Picking up a handle type
Locker systems have different types of handles. All these types have their own advantages; you can select the handle type that fits your storage requirements best.

Lift handles provide users easy and quick access to the locker’s content. While on the other hand, recessed handles leave no chance for vandals to kick the handles off to gain access to the locker content. Door pull handles provide a convenient way to attach a padlock

Selecting the tiers
There are six different tier choices and each varying with the number of locker doors in vertical configuration.  What you plan to store in the locker will determine the number of tiers you need.