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Lockers systems are small and narrow storage compartments that are commonly used in banks and offices. Locker systems are used widely in places like commercial organisations, stadiums, fitness and transport centres and more. Locker systems vary in the size, construction, purpose and security that they offer.

Lockers systems are usually narrow and vary in height and tier arrangements. Width and depth conform to standard measurements.

A few characteristics of the locker systems are:

•    Lockers are equipped with a lock. These are generally used in public places where for short and long term use by individuals.

•    Lockers are mainly used by individuals for storing clothes and other personal items.

•    Locker systems are offered to people who participate in certain activities. Such people, like athletes, sportspersons, etc. require lockers for safekeeping their personal items.

Locker systems are physically joined together side by side and are commonly made of steel, laminate and plastic. The doors of the locker system have ventilation so that the air can flow in and out. These vents are from a series of horizontal angled slats at the top of the door. The doors of the locker system have stiffeners fixed vertically inside the door which is in the form of a metal plate that is welded to the inner surface.

Lockers are an important part of every office or organisation where things need to be stored securely.