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Every company needs a locker system for the office. For heavy duty applications there are many types of locker systems available. These heavy duty lockers are very popular for police, university, industrial applications and military purposes. There are gym lockers available in the market, these locker systems are specially made for places like a gym where the members can safely deposit their valuables.  Locker systems are also available in plastic form. Plastic lockers are very easy to keep clean and rust free.

Places like schools require storage space for students and teachers. Generally the lockers that are specially made for schools and colleges range in size from 12 inches to 24 inches wide. There are storage lockers that are specially used in the factories, condominiums and other locations which require heavy secure storage units. Storage lockers are available with or without ceiling panels and backs. Some features which you should consider while purchasing a locker system are:

•    Slope top
•    Locks
•    Recess trim
•    Finished side and
•    Benches

A locker system also requires some extra accessories. Some locker systems have a feature of keyless locks and are controlled by a touchpad, but these types of locker system are a little more expensive.

Various types of locker system available are:

•    Office lockers
•    Stadium athletic lockers
•    Vented single tier lockers
•    Corrosion resistant lockers
•    Coin operated locker system