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We are always looking for the best storage solutions and are keen to implement new and innovative ways of making life simple and well – organised for our clients and customers. We know that one size does not fit all, which is why we have a large selection of different types of cabinets, systems, stacks and racking on offer and will always be able to advise on what would work best for you.

Some organisations do require rather more unusual storage. Museums and art galleries for example, tend to hold stock that is of varying shape and size, that is delicate and often very valuable.  Standard storage models do not work well for these kinds of assets. This is where toast rack storage can be the best option.

Toast rack storage may be a new term, but from the name alone you can hazard a guess what it looks like (or take a look below). As with a typical toast rack, the structure consists of vertical partitions connected to a flat base.

toast rack storage

The units in toast rack storage are divided by internal pole dividers. These are more robust than the standard rod dividers used in most types of storage. This means that they can take the weight of very heavy pieces of art. However, being sturdy is not the only requirement for this type of system. It is vital that when storing many pieces of various size and shape that the system can be flexible. A toast rack storage solution allows flexibility in the height and width of the compartment size. As the system is adjusted around the items stored, so it maximises the use of space. Toast rack storage provides compact and flexible storage that can store everything it needs to in the smallest possible area.

Often with museums and art galleries, storage is something that is constantly changing, as older items are taken down from display and stored for future use. With limited wall space and to accommodate new displays and visiting shows, an art facility will regularly rotate its work. Whilst this is great for visitors, it does mean that storage must be fully accessible. Luckily this is no problem with the toast rack system, which can be accessed, and then adjusted, with ease.

If you have a more unusual collection of art or information that you need to store why not call us for further information on 01782 770 114.