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Mobile shelving systems play an important role in different types of organisations, as they offer efficient storage space. When compared to traditional storage systems, mobile shelving systems can double the storage capacity of your office.

How mobile shelving systems extend your floor space

Because the units move along tracks, there is no need for aisles, so this automatically creates more space. For removing any file from the mobile shelving unit, you only need to identify the bay and then create an adjacent aisle. You can have electrical or mechanical mobile storage systems. They are operated by pressing a button, or pulling a handle respectively.

Why to opt for mobile shelving systems?

One of the best things about mobile shelving systems is that they are very easy to install and relocate. These systems can be used at different places such as libraries, offices, hospitals and other organisations. For installation, you only need to place the units on the existing floors. So there will be minimum disruption to your workplace at the time of installation.

Lastly, mobile shelving systems are also good to storing for sensitive or expensive items, as they have locking systems to prevent unauthorised access.