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Here, at Rackline, we know from experience that it doesn’t matter how big your office is.  What matters is how you utilise the space.  Your office storage solutions need to be just right if you want to get the most from your office space, and from your employees.

If you are currently picking out a new office space due to a relocation or, the need for new premises, there are many things to consider.  Desk space, storage space and of course location.

Whether your business is large or small, you can cut down your costs by using the right office storage solutions.  So, if there is one area that we can certainly help in, it is choosing the right kind of office storage solutions for your business.

Profile shelving

If you are in need of an office that will house a lot of documents then profile shelving is ideal.  It makes everything clearly visible and has a smooth appearance.  Even the edges are smooth. If you have artifacts or files that need to be easily accessed and exposed then this is the office storage system for you.

Proform shelving

Proform shelving provides a sleek design that has a double panel upright which provides your files, paperwork and such, with the protection they need.  There are no raised seams or edges so in an open plan office this office shelving works really well.


As the name suggests the Filestation is the number one location for your files.  It has even won awards due to its modern edge and high density storage.  As a mobile shelving unit it is perfect for easy access and can cut retrieval time by around 40%.


Our smart range of office cabinets are designed to suit any kind of office environment.  From open fronted to double door cupboards, the Rackline range of office cabinets are there to suit your needs.

Create the office space that suits your business and pick office storage to match.  Don’t forget, you can call us for advice on the best products to use in your office environment.