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Maximise space with made-to-measure classroom storage

Our bespoke education storage is ideal for schools as classrooms come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  Installing storage units will give pupils somewhere to store their bags, books and other equipment. Not only that, but it teaches them key skills, such as keeping their belongings tidy and safe.

Creating a calm and clutter-free space for learning, Rackline’s storage experts consider the shape and structure of your classroom from initial design through to assembly. Our experience in transforming learning environments and maximising space allows us to produce classroom storage tailored to even the most complex-shaped rooms.

Everyone benefits from an organised space where everything has its place. Both teachers and pupils can flourish in a tidy and relaxed environment, where they can focus and learn. Effective school storage solutions are amongst the most productive ways of managing a classroom, giving you the space to deliver quality education.

Keeping everything organised is imperative when deciding on the best classroom storage. At Rackline, we take design seriously, tailoring classroom storage solutions to your individual needs.

Rackline’s bespoke design process

At Rackline, we work closely with our client project team to reduce design time and establish the optimum working solution. We consider both cost and usability, as well as conducting a full audit of the items to be stored. This allows us to suggest the most suitable storage solution for your school.

What’s more, at design stage 2, we offer an exclusive 3D perspective view of the proposed system. This includes 3D walkthroughs, giving you full visibility of how your storage system would look and feel in your classroom, before any materials are issued for manufacture. This process can potentially save money and allow further design changes to be made!

Once you approve all drawings, we will arrange a full site survey to confirm the exact measurements. Better yet, our expertise in installing made-to-measure storage systems means that no room is too big, small or oddly shaped for our solutions. All Rackline installations are carried out by highly qualified and trained installation personnel.

Types of classroom storage

If you’re not naturally organised, having tailored school storage solutions that work can help. Plus, a tidy classroom can help teachers to become more effective and efficient.

We’re here to help you to make the most of your classroom storage by providing long- lasting solutions to protect books, paperwork, confidential documents, toys, laptops and more.
Here are just a few of the school storage solutions we offer:

Tray storage

These versatile tray storage systems can be installed with support brackets to maximise classroom storage capacity. We can supply any size of tray, so you’ll have plenty of room no matter what you’re storing!

Mobile shelving

Electronic mobile shelving is the perfect storage solution for optimising your floor space. Convenient, movable and great for storing any heavy objects, this is a stylish and secure system! You can also programme lighting and control access. It’s school shelving – but not as you know it! Perfect for securing any confidential and valuable items.

Static shelving

As far as school storage solutions go, our static shelving offers you a fully tailored product that will easily boost your storage options. Made from solid steel, this shelving is free from sharp edges which means you can safely store your items without the risk of them getting damaged. Perfect for storing books!

Archive shelving

Ideal for heavy or bulky items, archive shelving helps you to store items efficiently and neatly. Our archive storage solutions are great for organising gym equipment, plus the design of the cupboards means you can easily access and find what you’re looking for.

If you’re ready to maximise your classroom storage or school space, get in touch with our team on 01782 770 144 or download our education storage brochure for some great education shelving ideas to transform your school environment.