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Rotary filing cabinets are one of the best ways to double the storage capacity of your office. Once you have installed these cabinets in your office then you can store more things in the same area.

Rotary filing units are basically double-depth file cabinets which can be rotated from either one side or two sides. This means that you can easily store files or other things from any side of the cabinets. So, they offer greater filing capacity and efficiency than vertical, lateral and any other single depth unit.

Accessories for rotary file cabinets

These cabinets also offer various accessories which can store different types of media. This includes rollout drawers, recessed shelves, magnetic followers, CD-ROM drawers, tub drawers, conversion kits, wall closing strips and also dividers. These accessories help in storing hanging files, binder, tapes, CDs, end-tab files and many others.

At present, you will find Times-2 file cabinets which are specifically designed for legal documents, letters, EDP and A4 size files. With the help of a foot pedal, you can easily rotate the cabinets within a couple of seconds. This way you can easily get the file which you require.

You will find that only a few rotary cabinets have the capacity to store files which is equivalent to as much as double the amount of standard cabinets. Installing these cabinets is also very easy and you can place them against the wall for extra security.