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If your office is short on space and you have lots to store, then rotary filing cabinets are the perfect solution. With the help of rotary filing cabinets, you can save on money, time and space. These cabinets generally have a larger storage capacity than lateral or standard filing cabinets.

Rotary filing cabinets are specifically designed in such a way that allows them offer increased storage volumes.

What are rotary filing cabinets?

These cabinets have a double sided rotating unit which helps users to access two full sides at any one time. There is also a foot pedal or lever which is used to control the movements that help in rotating the units. With the help of these foot pedals, you can easily control the functions of cabinets.

There are multiple units in rotary filing cabinets, which means that the storage capacity of these units is higher than traditional cabinets. There are also wide range of fittings which can help you to store different types of files and multimedia.

Rotary filing cabinets offer high levels of security, so you don’t have to worry about unauthorised access.

In some offices, rotary filing cabinets are also used to divide the office space- making them even more functional.