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Mobile racking allows you to make the most of your existing storage space, in a simple and cost effective manner. Mobile racking is available with rollers, wheels and motor mechanisms, making them both versatile and incredibly portable.

Mobile racking is suitable for holding many different types of heavy duty items including packs, crates and pallets.

There are three main types of mobile racking available on the market today- electrically power-driven, mechanically supported and manually operated systems.

Electronically power-driven mobile racking is operated by the push of a button and does not require as much effort from the driver.

Mechanically supported mobile racking systems use chains and wheels to roll the racking along floor mounted tracks, making them ideal for moving heavy loads.

Motorised mobile racking gives maximum utilisation of storage space, whilst allowing easy access to all the palettes. Motorised mobile racking systems are electronically powered and feature rails that can be adjusted according to your requirements.

Mobile racking is ideal for a range of purposes and environments, and there are a number of different models available to purchase, so you’re sure to find a system to suit your needs.