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It can be very challenging to buy furniture for media items. Before purchasing a media storage cabinet, you need to examine the size of your requirement. You need to determine how much space you will need to place your DVDs, CDs etc. in a media storage cabinet. If your media requirement is small then you should store your media collection in a small sized media storage cabinet. Media storage cabinet are available in different sizes and styles. You should select the media storage cabinet that best suits your requirements.  Media storage cabinets allow easy accessibility to your media collection.

In the case of a large media collection, you should consider purchasing wall mounted cabinets. They hold a large number of CDs and DVDs in a limited space. To reach and indentify the stored items you should select an open wall unit. An open wall unit makes your media collection easily accessible. Wall mounted cabinets will use the space horizontally in your office if the unit is long and rectangular. However, if it is tall or square in shape then it can use the space vertically. You can also add more shelves to wall mounted media cabinets. Hence, wall mounted media storage cabinet grows with your needs.

You should consider purchasing a media storage cabinet with doors if you want to protect your media collection from dust and light. Media storage cabinets with doors are available with lock and key feature. They are available in different colours and styles. Hence, you should purchase the one that best blends with your office or home.