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Mini pallet racks require an alternative style and dimension because of the product size limitations. The dimension and construction of the pallet base is extremely critical so that it can handle the pallet with various equipments. Pallet top should fall within the accepted tolerances. Mini pallet rack is mostly used in distribution and store location system. You should purchase a mini pallet rack that is accessible by all the forklift equipments.

Mini pallets are storage units that are designed for holding goods in an organized manner. Without mini pallet rack, the space in the warehouse would be extremely limited. Mini pallet rack allows forklifts to locate the products and transport them to the desired location.

Mini pallet racks are made of strong metal. Mini pallet rack is ultimate choice for warehouses that store products on a pallet. They are specially designed to support a variety of packed goods that are lifted by forklifts.

The racks provide direct access to any stored pallet in the warehouse. They optimize space by stacking the pallet goods vertically and horizontally on shelves. The design of mini pallet rack differs depending on the size and shape of the pallets.