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Before you go ahead with filing away items, conduct a study of what factors matter the most with your filing system. There are many types of filing systems available as per your requirements.

Here are some points that focus on the features of mobile filing systems:

Mobile filing systems are by far the most efficient storage systems. In this type of system, the shelves are mounted on movable carriages. These shelves glide along and thus provide access to the different shelves. This system is available with both mechanical and electric assists.

It is highly recommended that L&T shelving be used on carriages, the reason being their durability. If the shelves are not durable it may cause stress fractures, because of the torque which is caused by the constant movement.

The system consists of one wide stationary single sided unit and two wide double-sided movable units, all 7 shelves high.


– Utilises the floor space well
– High level of filing efficiency
– No need for offsite/additional storage – which are usually expensive
– Readily accessible files save retrieval time
– Locking facility
– Suitable for colour coding files

These shelves are also available in different types and sizes. You also have the option to alter the counts of shelves per unit. Always make it a point to take a look at the different options available.