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Half of the space in warehouses is wasted because of gangways. If warehouses have proper storage units, these gangways can be utilised for storing goods and other products.

Extra space that is utilised from gangways can create extra income for warehouses. Mobile pallet racks are multi-level planned units that grip stack of heavy pallets meant for storing goods. Storage space matters the most for warehouses as space is getting more and more expensive these days. Hence it has become extremely important to utilise the available storage space efficiently. For a better use of space, pallet racks are modified into mobile pallet racks.

Mobile pallet racks save a significant amount of space as it reduces the number of aisles to the bare minimum. Mobile pallet racks provide instant access to each pallet. Warehouses that store perishable items have freezers, so in such places having mobile pallet racks would be an added advantage.

Mobile pallet racks make use of a system known as a mobile base frame. The height of the base frame is around 250mm and there are a number of motors which extend to ensure proper distribution. For the tracking movement of a mobile base frame, a new technology has been introduced that has sensors which manage and guide the mobile racking system.

By using this technology, problems like twisting, jamming and de-railing of wheels are totally eliminated. If the sensor in a mobile pallet frame cannot run the proper path due to an obstacle or obstruction, the drive immediately stops, avoiding any harm or accidents. Mobile racking has emerged as a very effective tool for warehouse management.