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Pallet racks are generally multi-level structural units that are used to precisely hold lots of heavy pallets. These units are widely used by many industries, as they are quite effective in terms of storage. Today, storage space is becoming more and more expensive. Hence, optimum utilisation of space is a must. This is main reason why pallet racks have now been modified into mobile pallet racks.

Mobile pallet racks are very versatile and help to save considerable amount of space. Nevertheless, the direct accessibility, with regards to each pallet can also be considered as an added benefit of these types of storage systems.

Every rack is precisely mounted over a mobile base frame and the height of these base frames is generally limited to around 245mm. Moreover the axles and wheels are manufactured using high quality steel and are suitable for heavy loads that range from anywhere up to 18 tons.
Mobile pallet racking is quite durable and also makes a good investment. These units can also be used in cold stores, where space utilisation can be considered as one of the most crucial factors.
Mobile pallet racks are available in different sizes and styles. However, it is always advisable to purchase a good quality mobile pallet racking system.