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Mobile pallet racking is a motorised system that allows a pallet racking system to move on tracks. If you have an access aisle between every pallet racking running, then you should only have one aisle that gives you maximum utilisation of the warehouse space and also allows 100 percent access to the pallet in the warehouse.

Mobile racking systems are fixed in an electrically powered mobile base that moves along the rail which is embedded to the floor. A mobile pallet racking system allows the users to open the aisle with a single command.

A mobile racking system allows users to utilise around 95% of the warehouse space. A mobile pallet rack helps warehouses to lower their overhead costs.

A mobile pallet racking system can be used to store different types of palletised unit loads like drums, boxes and sacks. A mobile racking system can be decked out to form shelving for high density archive storage. Different features available with mobile pallet racking system like remote and computer control make it a perfect storage system. As each pallet is separately supported on the racking, it is very strong and flexible.

The use of special handling equipment like conventional fork lifts can be eliminated if you use mobile pallet racking system. A mobile pallet racking system can be designed as per the specific requirements of the customer like size, weight, height and area of the pallet are kept in mind.