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Mobile pallet racking is a motorised system which allows a pallet racking system to move along tracks. Mobile pallet racking allows 100 percent access to pallets in the warehouse and other storage places.

A mobile pallet racking system is fixed with an electrically powered mobile base that moves along a rail which is embedded in the floor. With a mobile pallet racking system, individuals can open an aisle with just a single command.

A mobile pallet racking system allows companies to use the maximum amount of their warehouse area. With the help of mobile pallet racking, warehouses can lower their overhead costs significantly. You can use the system for storing different types of palletised units like containers, boxes and drums. You can even deck out mobile pallet racking system to form shelving for high density archive storage systems.

Mobile pallet racking systems have remote and computer control which makes them ideal for use in warehouses. Each pallet is supported individually to ensure that the quality of racking is excellent.