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In many warehouses, nearly half of the space is wasted because of gangways. If these gangways are organized in the proper way, then a lot of space can be saved. The more storage area a warehouse has, more would be the profit of the warehouse. Mobile pallet racks are multi level structure units that hold the heavy pallets.

Goods of any type and shape can be stored in a mobile pallet rack. Maximum utilization of space is the top most priority in warehouses, but sometimes due to improper storage systems, things do not work out properly and there is a lot of inefficient storage.

Pallet racks have been transformed into mobile pallet racks so that they provide more flexibility in the warehouse. Mobile pallet rack system saves a lot of space and reduces the number of passage ways. With mobile pallet racks, you get direct access to each pallet.

Mobile pallet racks uses a mobile frame base system. The height of the base frame is very high. The movement of the mobile base frame is tracked by a sensor that guides and controls the mobile pallet rack system.  Warehouses have many problems like jamming and twisting but mobile base frame provides a solution for all these issues If at all the sensor is unable to control the path due to any blockage, then the drive automatically stops and the damaged is avoided.