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Mobile shelving and racking systems are generally used for storage purposes. They help to keep warehouses and workshop areas neat, clean and tidy. Moreover, they can help to free up floor space whilst enhancing work productivity. Mobile shelving solutions can include heavy duty shelving, storage or racking.

A number of suppliers now focus on specific types of shelving and racking systems such as mobile racking, mobile shelving, archive storage, archive racking, mobile storage units and pallet racking.

Heavy duty shelving units offer cost-effective warehouse racking systems for all of your bulk shelving and storage requirements, whilst industrial steel shelving bays are perfect for racking huge areas and can be customised to maximise the available storage space. Display retail shelving units are generally made from high quality materials in order to offer flexible and robust store merchandising.

Most of these storage systems come in easy-to-assemble kits, whereas larger and more complicated systems intended for larger applications would need specialised fitting. When used appropriately in offices, industries and warehouses, shelving and racking units can not only maximise floor space, but can also allow businesses to store more items in the same space. So, if you face storage problems at your workplace, shelving and racking units are the best options for all of your storage needs.