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Mobile racking systems are the kind of storage systems that can be moved around your work area when required. These systems are mounted on rollers or wheels. The market also has motorised mobile racking systems.

The racking systems that are motorised let the company store a lot of items in places such as warehouses, industrial units and huge offices. With the usage of mobile racking systems you are also offered easy access to the pallets. With electrically powered bases, the storage system allows the operator to gain access to any aisle with just one command.

Areas that have limited amount of space can make use of different types of storage solutions. The most popular of these are mobile racking systems. Apart from office and industrial areas, schools and libraries also utilise them efficiently.

Different types of pallet loads, drums, sacks and crates can be stored in these types of mobile racking systems.

Types of mobile racking systems:

The three types of mobile racking systems are:

Manually operated – These types of storage systems are operated by push and pull handles to move the mobile bases.

Electrically powered – This particular system works with the help of a button. The high ratio gear is powered by pushing the button and the wheels and chains start to move.

Mechanically assisted – Mechanical racking systems utilise multi-ratio geared hand wheels in order to turn the wheels and chains.

The bottom line is that mobile racking systems are totally cost-effective and they offer a lot of storage capacity.