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Mobile racking systems are used extensively in warehouses over the past few years. These storage systems can be moved over the workplace. Most often, mobile racking systems are mounted on wheels, rollers and can even be motorised. If you need to use things all over your work place, then you should choose motorised mobile racking systems.

Mobile racking systems are available in many different types. Some of these racking systems are push back racking, drive in racking, conventional racking and cantilever racking. These storage systems can be either powered electrically, mechanically or manually.

Electrically powered racking systems run with a simple push of a button. Once the button is pressed, the wheels begin to run with chains or cables along the floor mounted tracks. Storage systems that are run mechanically use multi-ratio geared hand wheels. With the help of these hand wheels, chains and wheels begin to move. This system allows you to move large loads too. Manually operated systems need to be pushed or pulled with grab handles.

Mobile racking systems are very beneficial and cost effective as they allow you to make complete use of space. Moreover, they are very cost effective and help to store large things. Mobile racking systems are generally used to store documents and folders, archives, medical records and X-rays. These systems will help businesses to improve their productivity. Hence, all businesses that need to store documents should choose mobile racking systems to make their work easy and convenient.