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Storage systems are required in homes, in offices, store rooms and shops. Different kinds of storage systems may create a niche for themselves due to varying needs, depending on the nature of goods to be stored and the available space. Mobile racking systems are those that can be moved around, may be on wheels or rollers or can be folded away when they aren’t needed. They can be adapted to suite your changing needs or a change in location.

Mobile shelving and racking systems may be used to stock documents and folders, archives & archive boxes, medical records & x-rays, stationary and other various kinds of files. They can be designed into drawer like containers, open shelved spaces or closed shelves. They also come with locking systems and other such arrangements ensuring that your goods are well guarded. Mobile shelving systems are also made of various materials so as to stand strong and be durable.

Mobile shelving and racking systems are most appropriate when it comes to storing seasonal items like Christmas decorations, seasonal fruits or festive sweets. Mobile shelves and racks can either be moved or folded whenever these items are being used, thereby creating more floor or wall space. Such shelves are designed solely to suit consumer convenience.

In all, these shelving systems could be used for office storage, archive storage, industrial shelving, etc. By using shelving systems it is possible to utilise floor and wall space for storage purposes. They enable you to organise your belongings thus making your homes and work places clutter free.