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Mobile shelving comes in different sizes and shapes and has different installation processes. Industrial static shelving provides a new way of organising things. Mobile shelving comes in built-in kits, so that you can place the mobile shelving in cramped places as per your needs.

Uprights, Bays, Shelves, Backs, Rows etc are the different types of the mobile shelving available. Uprights are the panels enclosed on each part of the bay. Uprights provide flexibility to the user because it lets the user opt for a different position of each shelf.

Bays are the basic units of industrial shelving. It is also utilised by other types of shelving. They comprise a single back panel, which is jointly linked with two uprights on each side.

Shelves are the most important parts of industrial shelving. They are horizontal parts and uprights are attached at their ends. These panels are enclosed on the rear of the bay.

Backs provide bays with the needed strength and stiffness. Rows can either be double sided or single sided. Bays are located at rows. Rows usually stretch up to five to six bays.