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If it is your office or home, you should keep it neat and tidy. We often see that things are just left lying around. This increases the chances them being misplaced. When things get misplaced, we are unable to find them when we need them the most.

Mobile storage is an effective way to store things. Mobile shelving systems occupy up to 50% less floor space compared to conventional shelving systems. These mobile shelving units are mounted on mobile bases which are made to run on tracks fitted to the floor. Mobile shelving helps to maximise the storage space that is available in the office or warehouse.

Mobile shelves serve as high density and secure storage places for books, folders, medical records, stationary, documents and archives.

Some of the most important features of mobile shelving systems are as follows:

Help in saving space
Height is adjustable
The mechanism is very simple to operate

When you use mobile shelving systems for filing documents, they increase storage capacity while helping to save more space, so you can keep more items. Mobile shelving units are more efficient and cost effective, so all in all it can help to save money while offering more storage space.