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Shelving is an ideal way to keep and display all kinds of items, whether they are large or small. It is also one of the effective methods to divide the area in an office, home or public place. Nowadays, the latest mobile shelving is being used by many companies and organisations.

What is mobile shelving?

Mobile shelving is also known as rolling racks/roller racking and is one of the most effective ways to maximise your storage capacity. It also helps to free up space for other uses in offices, warehouses, stock rooms, factories, hospitals and medical practices etc.

Three types of mobile shelving

Manually operated
– The manually operated mobile shelves come with pull and push handles. The handles are used to move the racks with the floor mounted tracks.

Mechanically operated
– These shelves are assisted by multi ratio geared hand wheels which are attached at each end and used to drive the wheels and chains of the shelves. The mechanically operated shelves are very easy to move, even if they are heavily loaded.

Electrically powered
– When the push button, which is at the end of each run, is pushed then it will automatically turn the high ratio gears. All this process leads to driving the chains and wheels which are at the base along with the floor mounted tracks. The electrical operated shelves are the latest products and you do not have to put any effort in at all.

Mobile shelving is very commonly used for the long term storage of archive documents, files, folders, boxes, medical records and reports.