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Mobile shelving proves to be an ideal option to solve all the storage problems in offices. It maximises the use of the floor space and with mobile shelving you can easily access the items stored inside. A well designed mobile storage system doubles up the storing capacity and frees valuable space.

These units are used by offices when the storing of files and documents is very important. Mobile shelves are mounted on wheels or rollers.

The importance of mobile shelving

Mobile shelves work as space savers and they are one of the most effective ways to utilise office space. The shelves move along with the floor tracks and this arranges walking space for you. After identifying a particular file, you can move the mobile units apart to create an adjacent aisle.

The opening and the closing of mobile shelving is done with the hand operated handles or hand wheel. These hand wheels are controlled either by mechanical systems or electric motors.

The others benefits are the security and placement of the files. These two characteristics make the mobile shelving unit a perfect way to store your important documents. The doors of the unit are locked and closed to protect from unauthorised usage.

The mobile shelving units provide more flexibility than static storage units. They are more efficient and effective than the usual cabinets and cupboards. These units are ideal to store expensive items. Thus, these units are used in libraries, hospitals, offices for archive filing.