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Shelving is one of the most popular choices for storage in offices and industries. The most common type of shelving used in industries is steel shelving as it is durable and long lasting.

Steel shelving has powder coating and paint coating on it. This is done to protect the documents and important things, which are stored in steel shelving, from the accumulation of rust and scratches.
Steel shelving offers affordability and versatility at the same time. You can increase the storage space in your office, warehouse or factory by using shelving for storage.

Steel shelving can be mounted in either as mobile shelving or static shelving.

Mobile shelving is useful in warehouses and factories where things have to be moved from one place to the other frequently. Mobile shelving renders mobility, which can save precious time and space. The maximum demand for steel shelving is focused on industrial settings as it provides ideal storage for most warehouses and offices.

For small offices static shelving is better as it is more affordable.