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Mobile shelving systems, also known as compact shelving, allow you to maximise the existing floor space in your home or office. Mobile shelving provides you with more storage space than other high density filing systems, supplying the greatest storage capacity per square foot.

Mobile shelving is available in different models, such as electric-powered and mechanical assist. Mechanical models require you to manually turn a wheel to open and access the shelves, whilst with electric mobile shelving; you only have to push a button at the end of the unit. Electric shelving is the most advanced system, and is the most suitable option for securing expensive items.

There is also lateral mobile shelving, which is high-density shelving specially designed for wall installations and narrow offices. Lateral mobile shelving has rolling wheels to provide easy movement and complete access and according to the requirements of the office environment, you can move or reconfigure each of the carriage sections. It also has a stationery section at the back and a filing section in the front, both of which easily slide open.

High-density lateral mobile shelving is a modern storage system consisting of two or three rows, which move on a heavy duty rail. By moving a section at the side, you can gain access to other files and documents. Lastly, you can customise the lateral mobile system according to your own working environment.