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Warehouses and offices should always be kept neat and tidy. Often though, it happens that things are left lying just anywhere. If things are not kept in their proper place there is a great chance of items being misplaced. We usually cannot find things when we need them the most.

Mobile shelving is one of the most effective ways to store your things like files and folders. Mobile shelving uses far less floor space when compared to conventional shelving. With the help of mobile shelving, the storage space in your office or warehouse can be maximised.

You can open and close mobile shelving when you want to store and retrieve the documents. In mobile shelving, you can store folders, books, files, documents, records, achieves and stationery.

Some important benefits of having mobile storage are as follows:

•    You can accommodate various range of shelving systems
•    It helps to save the available space and has a low base profile
•    The height can be adjusted and  the tracks are not fixed to the floors which is a additional benefit as you can move them anywhere easily
•    It has a very simple mechanism and is easy to operate

Mobile shelving is commonly used in commercial organisations and office as it helps to save space and store things efficiently. Mobile shelving systems are very cost effective.  You can make your warehouse or office look more professional and organised.