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Mobile shelving is available in shapes and sizes. Mobile shelving provides a completely new way to organize your office. Mobile shelving can be highly customized according to your office structure and design. This makes them very flexible and the ideal choice for offices and warehouses.

Backs, bays, rows and uprights are the various types of mobile shelving. Upright shelving is very flexible and ideal for general storage purposes. Uprights also provide a lot of flexibility as you can have a different position for each shelf. Bays are the most common type of mobile shelving units. These bays contain single back panels and are linked jointly with the help of two uprights on every side.

The closed upright shelving system is an ideal solution for everyday storage. Closed upright shelving system is fully adjustable and very versatile. If you have to store heavy items in your warehouse or office then you can opt for a heavy duty shelving system. Heavy duty shelving systems are made from steel and can be easily assembled. The heavy duty steel shelving system is the perfect solution for any environment.

Mobile shelving can be of great help as can save a lot of space and store a lot of items very efficiently. You can keep your office really organized with the help of mobile shelving systems.