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Mobile shelving units are special storage units that are designed to increase the storage capacity of an office or warehouse. They are movable filing cabinets that are generally mounted on a track. For an office or warehouse, it is extremely essential to make the best use of the available storage space. By using mobile shelving units, businesses can effectively store all their files, folders and other items with ease.

Archive storage, mobile racking, mobile shelving and pallet racking units are some other storage alternatives businesses can opt for. Mobile shelving units are generally used for applications where considerable amounts of physical archive materials, books and files need to be stored.

Some useful advantages of mobile shelving units

• Create extra storage space
• Can be modified depending on the available space
• Versatile
• High security of archived materials can be achieved
• Easy to install

Capacity and floor-saving advantages of mobile shelving

Generally, mobile shelving units provide nearly a 50% reduction of the overall floor space. Moreover, these storage units can also increase the storage space by about 50% to 100% compared to the conventional filing cabinets.

So, if you are looking to maximise your available storage space, mobile shelving units are the best choice.