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Mobile shelving systems are usually defined as the storage systems that have movable shelf units so that only one access aisle is available and needed. The shelf units are adjacent to each other or stored abutting, with such a system. This arrangement helps in saving considerable space in comparison to stationary shelf units that comprise access aisles for each unit.

The mobile shelving systems comprise a track as well as carriages – for rolling on
the track. This system also consists of a drive mechanism that may be motor driven or manual to make the shelf units move along the track. Mention must be made of the unique Monotrak mobile shelving systems, operating on a single guide track that is fitted directly to your existing floor.

More importantly, there is no need for any extensive, costly and time-consuming and site work. Its installation is quite simple, which leaves existing floor coverings fully intact, sans any residual mess, especially if you are looking to relocate the system at any point of time.

The major advantage of this system is that it does not require a false floor, has no trip hazards often caused by surface mounted tracks and no need for any additional floor covering that is necessary when false floors are laid.