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The main problem which many offices face is space crunch. If the office looks good, clean and organised, employees feel comfortable while working. Mobile shelving system reduces the floor space, which is used by storage system.

Mobile storage system reduces almost 50% of the actual space required in the office. The amount of space, which is consumed by inefficient storage equipment, can now be used for additional storage or for workstations. All this can be done with the help of mobile shelving system.

Some of the benefits of the mobile shelving system are:

•    Mobile shelving can be made to suit individual requirements.
•    Mobile shelving is flexible in use and can be shifted wherever required.
•    It is available in different colours and materials.
•    Mobile shelving system takes up very little office space.

Mobile shelving system is a cost effective, space saving solution which ensures that the office space is utilised in the most efficient way.