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The term ‘more is less’ is a perfect way to describe mobile shelving systems. Mobile shelves are high density storage options which occupy lesser space but provide more storage and are also cost effective. By increasing storage space and streamlining storage facilities, mobile storage systems also increase office productivity.

The other thing that makes it more user-friendly is the fact that they are easy to install. Mobile shelving systems have many advantages as follows:

•    Increased Storage space
Since these shelves offer greater depth, they provide more storage space in lesser physical space. Such systems utilize space to their optimum capacity. Hence, we term them ‘more is less’.

•    Enhanced office productivity
Mobile shelves reduce the need for having multiple access points for a shelf, hence filing and retrieving files becomes easy. The tedious part of retrieving and storing files becomes history with mobile shelves, which in turn increases office productivity, as employees can retrieve files easily without wasting much time.

•    Saves time and money
It saves precious time and money which is otherwise wasted in the tedious and time-consuming process of filing and re-filing.