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Libraries that have been existence for a long time have a huge problem with storage as the number of books keeps increasing regularly while the space in the library remains constant. In most of these libraries the storage equipment used for keeping books was designed long ago and does not use the space properly.

Redoing the whole storage system is the easiest way to deal with such storage problems. Modern storage units like mobile shelving units are designed and custom made by companies to provide storage solutions that are perfect to meet the requirements in such institutions.

Mobile shelving units are designed in a way to store the maximum number of books in the minimum space. This is achieved easily since the size of the books to be stored in the mobile shelving units is clearly known. The mobile shelving units can be then designed to dimensions that match the books and space.

Such mobile shelving units can stretch from wall to wall and floor to ceiling without wasting any available space. Mobile shelving units can also be fitted with motors which allow the operator to make the specified shelf come out and reach them instead of them going up and reaching the shelf.

Mobile shelving systems not only maximise the available space and facilitate more books but also provide better safety to the library staff as they do not have to climb high ladders in order to reach the books.