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Most organisations and companies face storage problems which are caused due to limited space. This means that maximising space is an important issue. Thus, shelving is one of the perfect ways to organise and arrange things in small offices and even in larger industries.

If you are planning to install shelving systems in your office then you will find different systems such as mobile shelving, archive shelving and other types of systems that you could use. Out of them all, mobile shelving systems are gaining the most in popularity, as they help to store lots of things in a minimum amount of space.

Why choose mobile shelving systems?

Mobile shelving units are mounted on the wheels or rollers which can be motorised. With the help of these motorised wheels, you can utilise the maximum floor space you have available. In addition to this, mobile shelving systems also offer more access to all the shelves which are in your system.

The whole system can be fixed onto an electrically powered base which moves on rails that are embedded into the floor. You can thus easily open and access an aisle whenever required.
How easy is it to operate?

Electrically operated systems work at just the push of a button. As soon as the button is pushed, the gears are powered and the wheel starts moving. This makes electrically powered mobile systems the most advanced type of storage system available, if compared to manually and mechanically powered ones.