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Mobile shelving systems or roller racking shelving systems are movable filing cabinets which are mounted on a trackway. They are specially designed to offer extra storage space, compared to traditional storage units. They are generally constructed with a rotary handle.

If you rotate the handle, then the handle operates a mechanism which opens a single or connected filing unit.

Where are mobile shelving systems used?

Mobile shelving is mostly used in industrial and academic sectors because in these places, books and different physical materials are stored in high volumes. Mobile shelving is even used in hospitals and government organisations where medical and government records need to be stored.

The capacity and advantages of mobile shelving

Generally, typical mobile shelving offers 50% more space than a traditional filing cabinet. Mobile shelving offers high density for storage of files and other items. Mobile systems maximise space utilisation by eliminating aisles and they are much more compact than many storage cabinets and fit shelves into a much smaller amount of space. You can open the cabinet easily by simply moving the rows of shelves.

Mobile shelving systems allow you to store all your important documents in one place. This way, all your files are easily accessible and they are close to each other. Ultimately, your productivity increases as the amount of time which is required to access these files is reduced.

Some unique features of mobile shelving systems are that they come with high level of security. Mobile shelving systems are available in different colours so you can go with one which matches your tastes. Lastly, mobile shelving systems are cost effective and they are ideal for space saving which ensures the best use of valuable floor space.