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It can be observed that most people do not keep their home and office neat, clean and tidy. Also, you may notice that things are lying around the office because they do not have a specific home. Thus, the possibility of misplacing your important items can increase. At such times, there is a need to have an appropriate storage solution that can meet all your storage needs.

Mobile storage units, archive shelving, mobile shelving and filing cabinets are some of the currently available effective storage means. Mobile storage units are undoubtedly one of the best storage options for homes and offices as they occupy 50% less floor space compared to the traditional shelving options. These units can be moved to any location or can be mounted on mobile bases that run on tracks fitted into the floor. Because of this, mobile shelving units also help to maximise the available storage space.

Using mobile shelving units, it becomes easy to store and retrieve items when required. A variety of things like folders, books, documents, archives and medical records can be stored into these mobile shelving units.

A few important aspects of mobile storage units are as follows:

• Helps to save space
• Height can be adjusted
• Simple mechanism to operate

Mobile shelving units are strong, durable and cost-effective solutions for all types of storage needs in offices and homes. As they enhance the available storage space, they are ideal for use in smaller locations.