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Mobile shelving is a type of storage system where you can save up to fifty per cent of the floor space, and effectively double your storage capacity.

Mobile shelving is the most convenient and practical method of storing or filing your office files even while saving space for other, more productive purposes. If you want to optimise the use of existing space and manage tasks well within the available area, mobile shelving could be the best option for you.

Following are various handy features of mobile shelving:

•    Mobile shelving is a very compact method of storing or filling.
•    Mobile shelving is like a mobile storing space, which can be moved from place to place.
•    Mobile shelving systems works on rails on which it is fixed so you can move one lot of files or storage to get access to another lot of files or storage.
•    The biggest advantage of mobile shelving is that you can work out your shelving storage according to your needs and demands.