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In offices that have to accommodate a large number of documents, it is important to have archive shelving. Mobile shelving is the easiest way to store huge number of articles, documents and files. Today, owing to increasing space problems companies have created many storage solutions.

Storage solution companies will maximise the available space by designing storage systems that can best use the space and also provide enough room for the employees. Since the storage shelves are custom made, they can be designed in a way that uses previously unused space.

Mobile shelving units that stretch from wall to wall and floor to ceiling and have shelves of the size that best fits in the storage items, this helps to store more goods and makes maximum usage of the available space.

Mobile shelving systems can also be machine or hand operated which makes it possible to reach every shelf easily. So therefore becomes easier to retrieve any object when required.

Mobile shelving systems can also be accompanied by locking systems so that valuable objects can be kept safe and secure from unauthorised people.