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Proper utilisation of available space is the key to combat any type of space shortage. This might appear funny to the proprietors of offices and institutions that have to store huge numbers of articles, goods or documents for years. For museums and libraries acute space shortage is a major problem as the articles to be stored keep increasing while the available space remains constant for years.

Organised and proper storage can offer a solution to these cases. Mobile shelving units that are designed and custom made according to the space specifications can double the storage area in such institutions.

The storage units used in such institutions are age old and misuse space greatly. As mobile shelving units are designed in dimensions to fit the already existing goods there is no room for misuse of space. Shelves and racks in mobile shelving units are created to fit in the goods and not a single inch of the space is wasted.

Apart from maximising the storage area mobile shelving units also help in keeping the stored articles in an organised and well protected manner. Authorities can also install the mobile shelving units with advanced locking systems to block undesirable access.

As mobile shelving permits organised storage it becomes easier to retrieve an object whenever required. Finally, some mobile storage units are custom made in a way where the staff does not need to reach the shelf but the motorised shelf comes down ensuring better protection to the stored articles as well as the staff.