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Mobile storage systems provide a great solution for storing almost anything. Mobile storage systems are cost effective and widely used by organisations because of their high storage density. Mobile storage systems can save nearly 60% of the floor space when compared to other conventional static shelving systems.

Mobile storage units glide on a steel track with ease. Mobile shelving units have a base unit that provides different shelving options. Whenever a particular rack is required, you just have to open the appropriate aisle with the help of an electrical or mechanically driven base. You require only a single aisle to service a number of racks.

Mobile storage units have wide applications in places such as:

•    Banks and financial institutions
•    Hospitals
•    Offices
•    Libraries and pharmaceuticals

The reason why mobile storage systems are used commonly by large organisations is the advantages which they offer, such as:

•    High storage density
•    Savings in floor space
•    Easy access to files and other material along with flexible control
•    Single locking system for safe storage of goods
•    Suitability for the buildings with low heights and large inventory
•    Large storage space and high retrieval efficiency